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Jonathan Sprinkles Wins Disney’s Mentor of the Year…AGAIN!

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Jonathan Sprinkles’ Teleseminar Featured On Texas Business School Website

Jonathan Sprinkles Featured On Texas Busiss School Website As An Expert On Persuasion

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Jonathan Sprinkles – Audience Feedback You DON’T Want

I’m really not sure how I feel about this event. There was a lot that I could focus on to say, “This was a good one.” There was also some very timely feedback that was extremely concerning to me.  Continue reading

Exclusive Interview Featuring Jonathan Sprinkles

“How to WIN in 2010”

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The 5 Minute Motivator – “You’re Working ‘Too Hard'”

You’re Working “Too Hard”

I am hearing a lot of talk about the condition our country is in. I agree, times are tough–but not for everyone. There are some who, right now, are enjoying greater levels of prosperity and piece of mind than ever before. While some are shutting down, someone is hiring. While some are planning their bankruptcy, someone is planning their vacation. Things aren’t bad for everyone, and most importantly, they can be really good for YOU. Continue reading

Jonathan Sprinkles – [The 5 Minute Motivator] “I’m Living A Dual Life”

Hi, my name is Jonathan.
For the first time EVER, I am willing to admit something publicly that has been a source of shame for years.
I have been living a dual life.
  Continue reading